Monday, November 22, 2010

Inspiring Adventure Blogs

On Foot Through the World - in 2008 Reinhold embarked on a two year 7,000 km journey from his homeland Austria all the way to the Sahara desert in Morocco, in search of a minimal impact yet rich and sustainable lifestyle.

Captain´s Log Africa - this lady is riding from Cairo to Cape Town to raise funds for Tour D'Afrique Foundation, that´s 12,000kms folks, through Africa - Very inspiring indeed!

Paul Park - biking from Washington to Brazil

Anna Kortschak - travelling the world by bicycle

Up Around The Bend - our brothers in arms!

Down the Road - our original research source

The Gibbart Adventure

Cow Spokes

Calgary Family, they bike everywhere - Colette has info on this

14 Degrees

Jesus and Sarah, biked around Southern America - we met in Borneo (July, 2010) and they will be riding home to Spain from there


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