Monday, November 22, 2010

Travel Blog Buddies

Here are some travel blogs from amazing people we have met round the bend on our travels all over the world.

Arjean and Lucas (Netherlands), backpacking - Alaska to Argentina

Rick van der Eijk (NED), Looking for a tropical sea change - His Travelpod

Shaun Vaniman (USA), Traveler in Central America - When is Shaun coming home?

Brian and Nikki (USA), Latin America enthusiasts - Setforth[Booyah!]

Tim and Cory (Canada), the world on motorcycle - Terranova Expedition

Romana and Stefan (Austria), world travel in a vintage landrover - Auf da Roas

Rebecca and Fred (Germany), USA to Panama in a vintage landrover - fern w2

Oriol and ... (Spain), Metalfans around the world - can't find their blog, will update when we visit home again


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