Wednesday, November 24, 2010

CESIAK - Centro Ecologico Sian Ka'an

The gravel road from Tulum to CESiaK is slow (but now, in hindsight and compared to the other roads we've been on since, it's not that bad at all!). It's located on a thin strip of jungle covered peninsula between the Carribean and a giant lagoon. After gaping at the oceans and enjoying being off our bikes, we wander up to the roof and I immediately lose my heart over the spectacular vistas of the ocean to the east and the sprawling lagoon and jungle to the west. My feet feel grounded and I have no desire to get off the roof - ever! But, the stomach speaks and we make our way downstairs for lunch. The people that are drawn to this place are great! Pepe is the manager and his support of our project means that we stay here two days to talk and learn and enjoy. We also meet some other travelers from Holland - Arjean & Lukas - and the time we spend hanging out with them just adds to our overall feeling of happiness. They are traveling from Alaska to Argentina over one year, and I learned about the beauty of Southern Lakes up in Yukon. We resolve to do a trip up there next time we're in Canada in the summer (road trip, family?)

The sunsets here are simply stunning. When you stand on the top of the roof you get a 360 degree view of Sian Ka'an. The sky goes pink and orange and reflects of the trees and the water until the lagoon swallows the glowing orb and everything goes purple. We enjoy another margarita on the pontoon on the lagoon (we figured it out: the secret is in the fresh lime juice!). Everything is in pairs. Two margaritas. Two cool zebra-looking box fish. Two random jellyfish float by. Two pelicans. A German and his crystal skull. Two by two we heal the world. We all unite for dinner, where out of nowhere we are invited to participate in a healing ceremony. I don't know whether it was the strangeness of the experience, or whether the experience was actually strange, but we all felt something. For what it's worth, I hope my healing energies went to CESiaK and Sian Ka'an and that they stay as they are for decades more.

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  1. Road trip... sure! Just maybe not all the way on a bicycle for us.