Sunday, March 6, 2011

Merino Wool Clothing is the Best Travel Clothing

Hey all, this is a special blog just to talk about a fairly recent product that is available on the market. If you haven't heard of merino wool yet, then just quickly it is sheep wool from the New Zealand alps in the south island. The sheep there are named Merino and their coat is exceptionally well adapted to massive swing in temperature across the year and their vast terrain. Their wool is famous for being ultra fine and ultra dense, and provides an excellent material for making anything from ultra light to thick clothing of all shapes and sizes.

Merino wool performance clothing by Icebreaker (Image courtesy of

You might already be aware of a very successful company and excellent business model by the name of Icebreaker (also an excellent place to read all about the amazing powers of merino wool). The brand is now synonymous with endurance high performance wear and thermal comfort clothing based on the fact that every single one of their products is made from sustainable farming practices of only merino wool.

This evolution in endurance clothing has brought about a shift in the travel and camping markets as well. Colette and I got to each really put to the test a thin long sleeved merino wool shirt we got for a bargain price in Canada prior to setting off on our trip. I have to admit that this is by far the most superior product of its kind. We wore these shirts pretty much every single day, they never felt too hot or too cold. They do not stink or build up stench from repeated wear and after sweating. Even better, they dry super, super fast.

While we were in Belize we ran into a lovely lady from Seattle who told us about her friend Georgia Stephenson (she goes by her more delicious nickname Tink) who had started a line of merino wool design clothing for outerwear and the like. Tink being a super awesome person and Nicole being a lovely individual herself, have teamed up and sent us two more long sleeved shirts and a pair of thermal stretch pants as well.

The products are designed and made by Tink using only high quality New Zealand merino wool. They are perfect, and we have decided to take back nothing but merino wool shirts due to their excellent performance once we head back to Central America again. You can check out Tink's website here, her range of Merino Wool clothing is named ElementAll and she is currently building a portfolio for her website.

So there you have it folks, from the horses mouth. There is nothing better than merino wool clothing when it comes to backpacking and saving space. Easy to dry, great in all conditions, never smells and it is super comfortable.

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