Friday, June 17, 2011

Back in Guatemala!

If a picture paints a thousand words, then here are 28,000 words on why we love being back in Guatemala:

1. Great food
This amazing creation of grilled beef & chicken, guacamole and tomato salsa on a garlic toasted bun was reason enough to hang around Guatemala City for half a day. The real reason for our stop here was to see Pablo Aguilar, who we met in San Marcos Atitlan a few months ago. Pablo works in the healing arts and has done magic for our backs, shoulders, hips and knees. The little stand (not much more than a covered parking bay and a gas grill) where these gems are produced is in the parking lot of Pablo's office in Zona 10 of Guatemala City.

Jamaica (pronounced Ha-my-kah) is a delicious drink made from hibiscus flowers

2. Friendly faces & great service
The people in Guatemala are just so friendly and so easy to talk to. Taxi drivers try to give you a service instead of just a ride - they are interested in clients and not just customers. Likewise with dentists. Upon recommendation of an American we surfed with, we spent four days in Antigua to visit Dr. Victoria Recinas, who gave us the best and most economical dental service we've ever received in our lives (as well as a same-day appointment and absolutely no paperwork). Whether shoe polishers or professionals, Guatemalans appear to be proud of their jobs and it makes it a pleasure to deal with them.

A couple on this street in Antigua offered to take our picture without us asking
This mischievous old lady who makes and sells candy told us with a twinkle in her eye
that she was doing community service  to keep the dentists in a job
Friendly dogs too!

3. Realising that hot showers are a luxury
Behold the electric shower head!
This regular death trap can be found in showers all over Central America.

4. The colonial architecture is just amazing (especially in Antigua, which we adore)
Hermano Santo Pedro, Antigua

Saucy fountain in Antigua's Parque Central

Strolling the streets of Antigua was a full-time occupation for us

5. The rich and colourful culture
Guatemala has 23 different Maya language and culture groups, which makes it an incredibly diverse and interesting place to visit. We always visit a town's market, a cooking pot of culture and food.

KaqChikel street performers playing the marimba, drums and flutes in Antigua.

The backstrap loom, used by most Maya women to weave amazing cloth,
 is common in traditional Guatemalan villages and in Antigua's craft market

You'll find everything and its dog in a market

6. The rich and delicious chocolate & coffee
...which we enjoyed in excess at Fernando's Kaffee in Antigua. If the chocolate drink machine at the front of the store has been repaired by the time you visit, you have to try it. You'll be addicted for life.

Fernando's processes their own chocolate. Fernando showed us the smoothing process
where the chocolate spends 5 days in this machine to become silky smooth.
Talk about temptation!
So ask me again why we love Guatemala so much...


  1. so true, love the theme

  2. Ok you've convinced me! now get going on this eco-lodge so I can come back and visit! cheers - Kelly